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Already the steep ascent by the cog railway is spectacular and the view from the peak at 2042 m over the lake and Riviera is unique.
In Winter you will enjoy a fantastic ski ressort and during summer season nature lovers will find an alpine garden with marmots. Beside of. With Montreuxrivieracard you have advantage of ½ rate.

Logis Blonay - Rochers-de-Naye

Les Pleïades

The same train company takes you in 23 minutes from Blonay (620 m over sea level) to "Les Pleïades" on 1348 m.
This station offers a wide variety of activities. In winter you may skiing or snow-boarding (Swiss Ski School available), cross country skiing or snow walking. During summer season there are many hiking routes, VTT, para-gliding or just taking fresh air in the top of the hill.

Logis Blonay - Les Pleïades

Swiss Vapeur Parc at Le Bouveret: A Miniature Wonderland!

Come to Swiss Vapeur Parc and cross invisible boundaries into the world of fantasy. We open our doors wide to a land of fun and wonder. Travel on our fabulous little trains and explore the essence of what is Swiss embodied in miniature models (truer than reality) and rediscover the innocent pleasures of childhood.

This unique park displays its attractions in an area of over 17’000 m2 at Le Bouveret, in a pleasant location adjacent to the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. One miniature train enthusiast, having come from afar to admire this touristic marvel of lower Valais, confided that all the troubles of everyday life seem to disappear within the gates of the park. Only a child’s earliest experiences of joy can come close to expressing the first sensations of a trip on a miniature train. The little trains chug along as if by magic through a sumptuous decor displaying miniature replicas from the rich heritage of Switzerland: the Castle of Aigle, the Church of Saanen, the Halls of Neuchâtel, the Swiss Residence, railway buildings and constructions of every sort (bridges, viaducts, tunnels, etc.), conjuring up a journey into a land of dreams!

Swiss Vapeur Parc, Le Bouveret

Aquaparc, Le Bouveret

From deepest winter to tropical heat!

Aquaparc stands for fun, thrills and excitement the whole year round! The water and the air are heated to 28°C and all attractions* are open all year round. Regardless of weather, if it's raining, if it's windy or if it's snowing -your Aquaparc is open. So, don't wait another second and come and enjoy the Caribbean fun with your family or friends.
100% Adrenaline : Get your thrill-seeking fix at Aquaparc! Over 1 km of descent, including Booster Loop, Devil’s Fall (red) and Morgan’s Thrill (orange) for our bravest visitors! 100% Family : Aquaparc – the family park par excellence. Discover our attractions for all the family! The adventure is there for the taking!

100% Wellness : Come and relax in the Aquaparc wellness area. A little corner of paradise where grown-ups can go to relax and take a moment for themselves. (Minimum age restriction of 16 years). Here you can discover how water is not just something where you can have fun, but that it is also a source of wellness.
Swiss Vapeur Parc and Aquaparc are just side by side!

Aquaparc, Le Bouveret

Gruyères Castle

The castle towers above the small medieval town. It offers a look at eight centuries: copes of Charles the Bold, paintings by Corot, Knights' room, French garden with view of the mountains. A multi-media show and temporary exhibitions complete a memorable visit.
In this castle you may find also the HR Giger museum who became an internationally renown artist through his biomechanical art and the creation of Alien, which earned him an Oscar in 1980. His museum showcases a variety of his most important creations, reflecting his mythical-magical universe.
The adjacent Giger Bar with its gothic arches represents one of the artist's most beautiful works of art - its features and furnishings evoke the appearance of stone relicts in old cathedrals... and exert a mesmerizing effect on its visitors. www.hrgigermuseum.com

Logis Blonay - Le Château de Gruyère

Cruises on Lake Geneva

CGN's fleet of Belle Epoque vessels is the most prestigious in the world Its aim is topreserve this unique heritage In 2011, the entire fleet has been classified as "historic monuments" of national importance.
Thanks to financial support from numerous groups and private individuals, the fi ve paddle steamers cruising this summer are now looking better than at any time since the Second World War.
Sailing on board one of these sumptuous steamers is a unique experience: we invite you not only on a cruise, but also on a journey back in time!
Relive the splendour of the Belle Epoque in opulent first-class lounges, view the fascinating steam engines, relax on the upper deck and let your mind wander! Using the Riveracard you may benefit on upper lake cruises at ½ rate!

Logis Blonay - Croisière sur Le Lac Léman

Mines de sel de Bex

Today, a few kilometres of this immense labyrinth can be visited. This itinerary takes us through the most spectacular and most characteristic of the various mining techniques used since the first gallery was excavated in 1684, up to the present times.
An audiovisual presentation (in French, German, English and Italian) installed in an ancient reservoir dug out in 1826 as well as an exhibit allow you to relive all stages of the three centuries of history of salt and the mines. Then a small train brings you to the heart of the mine. From there a pedestrian circuit of about one hour allows you to discover the incredible effort put in the underground search for salt springs, or the desalination of rock containing salt, which, at the time, was worth its weight in gold.

Logis Blonay - Mines de sel de Bex

Railway-Museum Blonay-Chamby

This railway and his museum shows the history of many little railways in a attractive way. It is operated and maintained by a team of enthusiastic volunteers.
Special events are being held from Easter to fall. For information please consult their homepage.

Logis Blonay - Chemin de fer-musée Blonay-Chamby

Aigle Castle

In the heart of the renowned vineyards between the Alps and Lake Léman this castle – built in the 13th century - presents the history of winemaking and wine labels. It is surrounded by magnificent vineyards.

Logis Blonay - Château d'Aigle

The Chocolate Train

Gruyère and chocolate: the pinnacle of Swiss culinary expertise

Travel first class on the Chocolate Train, where the first stop is the charming medieval market town of Gruyères. There, you will discover the secrets of how the famous Gruyère cheese is made. For dessert, you will learn how chocolate is made, before visiting the famous Maison Cailler in Broc for a tour and delicious tasting.

Logis Blonay - Le train du chocolat

Some other proposals

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...and there are many more!